Thứ Ba, 14/06/2022
Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population (CCIHP) is a non-profit organization registered under VUSTA since 2008, and actively working in the fields of public health, gender and gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health, and recently rehabilitation and social supports to persons with disabilities – with a focus on children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.


Given nearly 15 years of establishment and development under VUSTA, and another 10 years inherited from Consultation of Investment in Health Promotion (CIHP) which was found in 1999, CCIHP is in need of consultants to help human resource management review, which is expected to contribute organizational 5-year strategic planning and capacity building. 



1. To optimize the operation of HR function and ability of all CCIHP’s staff to meet the work requirements.

2. HR policy will be revised to be more flexible, adapt better to the changes of the organization and external environment.


Scope of work

CIHP’s HR function operation and policy are to be thoroughly reviewed and updated to be accordant with Vietnam’s laws and regulations, and to meet the team’s work requirements. Build flexibility into HR structures to ensure targeted utilization of capacities., meeting the needs for an agile, digitalized, and effective work culture.



 Any interested consultant team or firm is expected to send a brief concept note addressing the proposed specific approach and deliverables, with an estimation of budget for the mission. Ceiling budget is 175,000,000 VND including taxes.


Application should be sent to Ms. Trang via email before 19th June 2022.

Thank you!

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